Mary Poppins proclaimed, “When you find the element of fun, then snap, the job’s a game”. Thanks to the MiracleFold™, the dreaded task of laundry can now actually be enjoyable. This gadget is so simple and easy to use that even kids are excited to help out with this otherwise tedious chore.

The MiracleFold is a very sturdy and well made plastic device that allows any person of any age to fold clothing looking like it just came off the shelf at Barney’s. Using the MiracleFold allows you to store your garments neatly and professionally giving your closets and drawers a store shelf appearance. More important than having a closet or drawer that is neat and organized, clothes folded with the MiracleFold save as much as 30% to 50% storage space because they are uniform, airtight, and lie flatter. For anyone who has ever bemoaned lack of storage space in their closets or dresser drawers, MiracleFold is a godsend.

With the MiracleFold, the time it takes to fold and put away laundry is slashed. Folding a garment with the MiracleFold takes just five seconds in five easy steps. The MiracleFold also reduces the need of ironing, as garments are perfectly folded and remain intact.

This laundry gadget is a must have for every house that loves organizing stuff and is looking to make laundry a chore no more! Read how amazed our customers are with the MiracleFold; it really works beyond expectations. The MiracleFold is also a great device for collage or travel, and an excellent gift idea for anyone at all times.


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