The MiracleFold™ is truly amazing because of what it does in one simple process. It solves many crucial aspects in the laundry and organization area that are common in every home. From reducing the time spent on laundry, to saving lots of shelf and drawer space, the process is easy, fast and fun.

What the MiracleFold does:

  • Folds garments evenly and uniformly in just five seconds – in five quick and easy steps
  • Works on all kinds of shirts & T-shirts, garments, pants and towels
  • Never requires any maintenance.
  • Takes up close to zero storage space and can be stored or hung anywhere (bonus angle hook included).

Benefits of using the MiracleFold:

  • Saves many hours of laundry and organization time.
  • Makes doing laundry more enjoyable; a chore no more!
  • Makes being and staying organized effortless. Gets rid of cluttered shelves and drawers in no time at all.
  • Reduces the need of ironing by 50%. Garments are airtight, flat, and perfectly folded.
  • Saves at least 30% - 50% of clothing storage space.
  • Closet shelves and drawers are kept professionally neat and have a store shelf appearance.
  • Fun, simple and easy to use, even small kids will love it. Help with Laundry is assured.
  • No more searching for a particular garment beneath a messy pile of clothes. All garments are perfectly visible.

The MiracleFold is masterfully designed featuring a no-slip back; dedicated hand slots to lift the panels; beautiful retro shaped apertures; self hanging slots and hook. The MiracleFold is manufactured using the best quality polypropylene available, tough but smooth plastic so it never requires any maintenance. It is very easy to clean and will last a lifetime.

Besides being a fantastic device in every home, it is also great for collage and travel. By using the MiracleFold you will have much more suitcase space by packing airtight and garments will arrive perfectly intact. The MiracleFold is also a perfect gift item for anyone at all times.

Take a look at what our customers say after they purchased this amazing device. These are real people telling you about their own experience with the MiracleFold. They all agree that this gadget is indeed a MIRACLE.

So to get your laundry and closets MIRACLEIZED, purchase the MiracleFold today and you too shall be amazed!

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