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Mary Poppins proclaimed, “When you find the element of fun, then snap, the job’s a game”. Thanks to the MiracleFold™, the dreaded task of laundry can now actually be enjoyable. This gadget is so simple and easy to use that even kids are excited to help out with this otherwise tedious chore. The MiracleFold is a very sturdy and well made plastic device that allows any person of any age to fold clothing looking like it just came off the shelf at Barney’s. Using the MiracleFold allows you to store your garments neatly and professionally giving your closets and drawers a store shelf appearance. More important than having a closet or drawer that is neat and organized, clothes folded with the MiracleFold save as much as 30% to 50% storage space because they are uniform, airtight, and lie flatter.  Read More

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The MiracleFold™ is truly amazing because of what it does in one simple process. It solves many crucial aspects in the laundry and organization area that are common in every home. From reducing the time spent on laundry, to saving lots of shelf and drawer space, the process is easy, fast and fun.


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  • I bought this after reading several reviews and a video showing how easy it is to use. It is made with thick plastic and is really easy to use, my kids even like to use it. I highly recommend it!

    By Mara McCausland
  • I purchased these gizmos to combat the ever present piles of laundry that seem to exist in our house. The younger folks are pleased with them and have been folding their clothes more diligently. That said, I am still folding "freestyle" - but I have been folding laundry for several decades!

    By Nifty Fifty
  • I just got this as a joke! But I love folding now! Great product! I can see everything in my closet now. I'm just waiting for the owners to come up with something for the dishes! ;)

    By Aida
  • I wear large and depending on what country the individual shirt (polo, sport, pj, etc) comes from, the Miracle Folder works as described and is a joy to use, but I am wondering if the hinges will continue to hold up under weekly use, time will tell.

    By Joe A. Turner
  • My wife hated how I folded her shirts, they all had a crease down the middle. I was watching a sitcom on TV and the actor was folding a T shirt with this folder, I said to her I should get one of those. She of course said that would be great so to Amazon I went, I was amazed when I found one. It works great, I'm once again the perfect husband. At least for now

    By Jimmmy
  • This is just like the one that Sheldon uses and it was bought as a gag gift, but after using it, It's wonderful. Makes folding the laundry so easy. My husband has had a stroke but still likes his shirts folded a certain way and now this makes it easy for him to do. Thank you, Thank you.

    By Janet Richardson
  • Who knew folding clothes could be so rewarding? I love to look at the pile of clothes I folded with this. It works beautifully! When my daughter saw how nice it worked then she had to get one too and she also loves it. I don't ever want to settle for folding by hand anymore.

    By Nancy Green
  • I am helping my wife do laundry now, and can't fold a sock in half. With this device I can fold shirts, towels, etc like a pro. I still need to watch the video on how to fold pants with it. Very well made, and comes with a little door mount hanger to keep it in reach and out of the way.

    By Bruce D. Meyer
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